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Tinting your windows to keep sun glare, heat and harmful UV rays out seems like a sensible thing to do…particularly here in sunny Queensland!

While tinting the windows of your home or office is fine, there are restrictions around how much of a tint you can put on your vehicles, including personal or business car, ute, 4WD, truck, bus or boat.

Queensland road safety regulations allow for a reduction in light to no less than 35% so the driver of the vehicle has clear vision at any time of of the day or night. This is determined through a Vehicle Light Transmittance test which will is always completed during a roadworthy check.

Your vehicle tint cannot be reflective like the lenses of aviator glasses, as the glare may bounce back onto another driver causing them to be temporarily blinded.

Particularly important, is the Queensland law that states that no tint may be added to a windscreen due to safety concerns around driver visibility.

In addition, any old window tint films that have become bubbled, cracked or damaged must be removed so they don’t impair a driver’s ability to see pedestrians, cyclists or other drivers clearly.

Our friendly RACQ windscreen and auto glass authorised repairers will be able to advise you on the best tint for your vehicle that will keep you safe and comply with state and federal road safety laws.

We can tint windows for:

  • Cars

  • 4WDs

  • Trucks

  • Buses

  • Heavy machinery

  • Boats

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